• Vermilion has over 15 years of successful Canadian operations
  • Canada provides a vast source of oil and gas technology and trained personnel
  • New well completion techniques are revitalizing the Western Canadian Basin

Vermilion in Canada

  • In West Pembina, potential for three significant development projects sharing the same surface infrastructure
  • Cardium light oil development (1,800 m depth)
  • Mannville liquids-rich gas inventory (2,400 - 2,700 m depth)
  • Extensive position in Duvernay liquids-rich gas resource play (3,200 - 3,400 m depth)
  • Southeast Saskatchewan - multizone light oil development with large inventory of future drilling locations
  • Utikuma - significant light oil field in northern Alberta; Reservoir optimization and enhancement – one of Vermilion’s five largest oil pools
  • Central Alberta - coalbed methane and shallow gas development; Large inventory of shallow gas CBM wells; Program can be turned on and off quickly depending on commodity prices
  • Operate four natural gas plants and hold an ownership interest in five additional plants with combined processing capacity of 80 mmcf/d
  • Operate eleven oil batteries with combined processing capacity to handle over 25,000 bbl/d of oil
  • Q1 2015 average production in Canada is approximately 24,200 boe/d.
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