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Ways of Caring

There is value beyond ourselves in the communities where we operate. We care enough to look for it.

As a responsible energy producer, we are committed to giving back to the communities where our people live and work. 

Vermilion's community investment program – our Vermilion Ways of Caring – fulfills this mission by supporting non-profit and charitable organizations in three ways:  

Give BackGive Back

Our community partners make important contributions to the social, environmental and cultural fabric of our communities.  We are proud to support their work by investing resources (cash, in-kind and employee time) to make a difference in four key areas:

  • Homelessness & Poverty - We work with social investment agencies that support the most vulnerable in our community through measurable, impactful programs that focus on addressing the issues of homelessness and poverty, because we believe healthy, vibrant communities include all community members in their success.
  • Health and Safety Promotion - We invest in results-oriented programs that enhance the wellbeing and safety of individuals and communities, sharing our best-in-class approach to a health and safety culture that is fully integrated into every facet of Vermilion's operations.
  • Environmental Stewardship - We partner with organizations that use science-based best practices to enhance environmental conservation and education, contributing to healthy, resilient, sustainable communities today and in the future.
  • Celebrating Vermilion's Cultures - We support the local cultures of our diverse locations to ensure that their traditions and contributions are recognized and preserved. 

Give TimeGive Time

We support the volunteer activities of our people and their families through our volunteer grant program.  It's our way of recognizing the time and energy they give to the community on their personal time and it helps to create a culture of caring at Vermilion.

The opportunity to receive the volunteer grant means that Vermilion cares about what is important to me and my family. For the organization that I support, it means the hockey year is more affordable for families and the organization has the means to run a great program for the community.

Megan Victoria, Canada

I volunteered with the concert organizing committee for the five year anniversary of my pop choir “Popkoor Yes!” The volunteer grant from Vermilion, in addition to contributions from other sponsors, made it possible to have an adequate budget and reasonably priced tickets to the event. It is great that Vermilion supports these initiatives and activities. My fellow organizers and the choir’s board were pleasantly surprised that an employer gives such support to its employees!

Henk Kreuze, the Netherlands 

Give TogetherGive Together

We organize "hands-on" opportunities for staff and their families to engage in company-sponsored volunteer activities during business hours. In addition to our corporate and business unit days of caring, a number of smaller groups organized their own team day of caring.

The contribution Vermilion volunteers have made to the general beautification of the Wood’s Homes properties has had a tremendous impact on the youth we serve.  It instills the value of taking care of one’s surroundings and helps the kid’s feel cared for adding to their sense of comfort, stability and confidence.

Wood’s Homes


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