Sustainability Policy

To meet our commitments, we rely on the framework and priorities provided by our sustainability policy.

Vermilion’s sustainability policy is guided by our core values of Excellence, Trust, Respect and Responsibility. It applies to all of our operations, and in each of the communities where we live and work. Sustainability is led by our senior management team and supported by our Board of Directors, and championed by our employees and contractors. It applies equally to our suppliers and to those who represent us or conduct activities on our behalf.

Guided by our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, Vermilion meets or exceeds the requirements of all applicable laws and standards in the communities where we operate, through all of our activities, including exploration, drilling, completion, operation and remediation. In doing so, we are committed to transparent and respectful engagement with our stakeholders, including our investors, employees, partners, suppliers and communities.

Sustainability is integrated into all facets of our business, and is reflected in the following five key areas.

Governance and Ethics​

Vermilion demonstrates strong corporate governance, with leadership that sets an example of the highest standards of ethics and integrity and a commitment to the responsible development of our diverse resource portfolio.


Our leadership model effectively embeds ethical, fiscal, environmental and social considerations into all aspects of our business, resulting in operational excellence and the protection of our human, natural, financial, operational, intellectual and reputational capital.

Economic Performance

Vermilion recognizes that strong, consistent fiscal performance provides positive economic benefits for all of our stakeholders.


We are financially disciplined, with a focus on balance sheet strength and strong returns to shareholders. This approach, together with our technical and intellectual excellence, ensures we recognize and develop appropriate opportunities, effectively manage risks, and continuously improve operational efficiency.


Vermilion's commitment to people is embedded in our core values: we embrace diversity, we value and care for our people, and believe every employee and business associate worldwide deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.


We recognize the principles of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and have policies in place to support these principles throughout our operations, including creating a fair and equal-opportunity workplace.


We challenge and inspire our employees to achieve their best, and value the teamwork, collaboration and innovation that lead to creating both a great place to work and outstanding company performance.

Health, Safety and Environment

Vermilion is committed to conducting our activities in a manner that will protect the health and safety of our employees, contractors and the public while reducing our impact on the environment.


Our HSE mantra is Everyone, Everywhere, Everyday. Our vision is that the consistent application of our core values results in a workplace free of incidents, and that our proactive culture and behaviours create a high-reliability organization where HSE is fully integrated into our business; it is our way of life


Every staff member, including management, is accountable for HSE and is actively involved in continuously delivering HSE performance improvements.


Vermilion strives to support the communities in which we operate using a shared value model. We work to develop economic and employment opportunities, build positive relationships and contribute to meaningful, mutually beneficial partnerships that strengthen both the community and our company capacity.


Our community investment program contributes to the quality of life in our communities through both charitable giving and employee engagement, supporting social, environmental and cultural issues. Through this program, our "Ways of Caring," we give back, we give time and we give together.

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