External Associations: Initiatives and Advocacy

We recognize the need to ensure that our advocacy efforts reflect our business strategy, particularly on climate change and the energy transition.

We also participate in government industry working groups, often at government request to provide technical expertise as one of many stakeholder positions considered prior to regulatory changes.

We are committed to transparency in our advocacy efforts, including:

To support this, we annually review all memberships to assess alignment, and provide our Executive Committee and Board of Directors Sustainability Committee with a summary, including misalignment and recommendations.

Climate Position
Vermilion supports the goals of the Paris Agreement and governments’ actions, including public policies, to develop and implement related climate change policy and regulation, while recognizing the critical role that oil and natural gas will play during the energy transition to ensure accessible and affordable energy supplies.

While oil and gas resources are still needed during the energy transition, the provision of clear, stable and reasonable regulations will allow energy producers such as Vermilion to continue to operate in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

We believe that domestic energy supply should be prioritized over importing oil and gas, for its contributions to national energy security, the economic benefits it provides to local communities through employment and local investment, its compliance with stringent safety, environmental and workplace regulations, and the lower carbon footprint it often provides.
Lobbying Policy
In 2023, we implemented our lobbying policy, which describes our management system for direct and indirect (trade and industry association) advocacy.

Governance: Each business unit leader is responsible for positions and activities in their region; Vermilion’s Executive Committee is responsible for corporate positions and company-wide lobbying activities. Only those individuals specifically designated as spokespersons or representatives may advocate on behalf of the company.

Review Process: We annually review our direct lobbying activities, including any required advocacy registries: carbon footprint it often provides.

We also annually review all trade and industry associations to which we belong, for alignment of activities and organizations with the Paris Agreement and with our Climate Position. We use a scale between fully aligned and misaligned for each. If misalignments are identified, we engage with the association to understand and influence the issue. We consider cancelling membership only if no improvement proves likely.

We provide our Executive Committee and Board of Directors with a report summarizing our reviews, including misalignment and recommendations.

Results: In 2022, two associations had no commitment or equivalent to the Paris agreement, one of which also had lobbying activities misaligned with Paris. We are engaging with one association, and considering membership withdrawal in the other.

Fees paid in 2022 included:

Summary of Advocacy Positions


Support for the role of responsibly produced oil and natural gas to provide affordable and dependable energy as a bridge to greater reliance on renewable fuels; opposition to the European Union Solidarity Contribution as not following EU policy, unfairly and retroactively targeting a single sector and disregarding the risk and reward relationship for hydrocarbon producers and the low European natural gas pricing since 2015 and particularly in 2020.


Support for the transformation of extractive sectors to serve our regions.


Advocacy for the role of small natural gas fields during the energy transition, including government adherence to legal timelines for permitting, and distribution of royalties to local communities.


Support for the role of natural gas in improving domestic energy security during the energy transition, including as lower carbon than imported gas, for the government’s 2050 net zero carbon targets, and for the potential use of our infrastructure for blue or green hydrogen.


Completed working with government and the extractive industry to support a new regulatory approach to working in water protection zones; finalized working with industry and ministries on new deep drilling regulation.

Central & Eastern Europe

Advocacy for permitting and progressing projects in a timely fashion.

Membership in Business and Industry Associations
Membership Association 102-13</sup
Industry and Business Association Details:
Total Investment in Industry and Trade Associations is $1,135,336.00
Australian Institute of Petroleum
Promotes industry self-regulation and effective dialogue with government and the community; includes the Australian Marine Oil Spill Centre
Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association
Represents Australia’s oil and gas exploration and production industry
Australian Resources Energy Group
Policy and advocacy focused on the Australian resources, energy and supply industry.
Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Supports the development of the Hungarian economy representing the general and joint interests of its member business organizations.
Business in the Community Ireland
Purpose to inspire and enable businesses to bring about a sustainable, low carbon economy and a more inclusive society where everyone thrives.
BVEG – Federal Association of Natural Gas, Petroleum and Geoenergy
Represents the interests of German oil and gas producers, underground storage facility operators and service providers active in the industry.
Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
Represents the Canadian upstream oil and natural gas industry; advocates for and enables economic competitiveness and safe, environmentally and socially responsible performance
Element NL – Dutch oil and gas explorer and producer association
Represents and advocates for the Dutch oil and gas explorer and producer association; works to continuously improve practices related to safety, environment and public acceptance.
Energy and Equipment Materials Users Association
Focused on supporting its member companies with safety, efficiency and compliance good practice
Multi-sector collaboration to address joint economic challenges and interests in the Ems-Axis growth region.
Energy Sector Sustainability Leadership Initiative
Calgary-based voluntary working group on energy sector sustainability best practices.
Represents the European gas sector; aims to strengthen the role of gas in the energy mix through ongoing dialogue
France-Canada Chamber of Commerce
Promotes business activities between Canada and France
French FAB
Promotes the French industrial ecosystem, including responsible business practices
Geothermal Forum Lower Saxony
Platform for the exchange and preparation of information for the geothermal industry
Geothermie Nederland
Trade association for geothermal energy, committed to the availability of sustainable and affordable heat for citizens and businesses
German Society for Petroleum and Coal Science Technology (DGMK)
Promotes and advance science, research, technology and continuing education relating to fossil fuels
Ireland lobby and business representative group focused on a positive climate for business and employers
Irish Offshore Operators’ Association (IOOA)
Represents the Irish offshore oil and gas industry, providing a common approach to issues such as safety, the environment, legislation and employment; advocates for the development of oil and gas exploration and production in Ireland’s waters
Hungarian Mining Association (MBSZ)
Represents all sectors of the mining industry in Hungary
Network of entrepreneurs in France
Petroleum Association of Wyoming (PAW)
Dedicated to the betterment of the state’s oil and gas industry, including government advocacy on the responsible development of oil and gas
Voluntary competitiveness cluster with many programs related to supporting geothermal development in France
Saskatchewan Petroleum Industry Government Environmental Committee
Government and industry cooperative approach to ensure the continued growth of the oil and natural gas industry in a manner that minimizes adverse environmental effects
Union française des industries pétrolières
Represents the petroleum industry; provides the French government with ongoing industry feedback on various European Union directives/initiatives
Western Energy Alliance
Represents companies engaged in environmentally responsible exploration and production of oil and natural gas in the western United States

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