HSE Training and Communication

Vermilion’s HSE Focus Areas of Communications & Knowledge management highlights continual learning and information sharing to improve our performance and helps validate competencies across the organization.

HSE Competency for Leaders

Vermilion is committed to ensuring all of our staff understand the importance of HSE and demonstrate this in their actions. All Vermilion’s leaders – whether operational or functional – contribute to Vermilion’s success by generating HSE awareness, identifying hazards, and understanding and mitigating the HSE impact of requests made of staff and operations. That’s why our Performance Management system includes an HSE Competency for Leaders:

Demonstrates HSE Leadership

We expect our leaders to act in accordance with our Core Values, HSE policies, Management Systems standards, procedures, and legislation, and to:

We provide resources to help our leaders understand what success looks like. This focuses on:

Operator Competency
We have developed a comprehensive HSE training matrix for all technical positions at Vermilion globally – from field operators to senior professional staff – that identifies the associated mandatory and recommended HSE training requirements. Operator competency supports hazard identification and mitigates our exposure to a potential HSE event by ensuring that staff are properly trained to safely execute their daily tasks. A clear view of employees’ competencies and training increases Vermilion’s confidence that job functions are being performed safely and consistently within regulatory and Vermilion-specific policies, practices and guidelines.

We have advanced our Operator Competency Programs in Canada, France, The Netherlands and Australia. These projects have included knowledge identification, task inventory and procedures, SOP development and levels of assessment.

This work will help us fulfill our HSE vision of a healthy workplace free of incidents, but will also support more effective workforce planning, and increase employee satisfaction and productivity.
HSE Training

Additional HSE training takes many forms throughout our organization, and includes external certifications, internal training courses and seminars on topics such as HSE leadership training, hazard awareness and management, functional process hazard and risk analysis, incident investigation, first aid, ergonomics, road safety, work management, regulatory updates, and personal safety. In addition, our lunch and learn programs encompass HSE topics that cover topics related to work and beyond, including safe driving and safety at home.

HSE onboarding for all new employees, introduced in 2022, provides training modules that introduce our HSE culture and values, and provide education on HSE policies and procedures.

HSE Communications

We believe that regularly communicating key HSE information supports our focus on culture, helping to create an environment of empowerment, trust and accountability. Our communications strategy therefore focuses on multi-layered, formal and informal communications via a variety of channels:

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