Our History in France

The History of Vermilion in France

Vermilion established itself in France in 1997 through the acquisition of oil assets.  As a geographical area with high hydrocarbon potential, France – and Western Europe in general – is a strong focus for our company. 

Between 1997 and 2012, Vermilion made several acquisitions in France and quickly became the largest oil producer in France. We produce today 70% of the country’s production and employ 150 people directly, along with some 400 people from subcontracting companies throughout the year.  Since 1997, we have invested heavily and continuously in our French activities ( more than 1.2 Billion Euros). To maintain our level of production while ensuring the integrity of our facilities and developing growth opportunities in the direction of the energy transition.


Acquisition of 636 m3 (636,000 liters) of production per day in France from Exxon in January 1997 for $45 million. Thanks to a program of very successful work on existing wells, Vermilion increased French production by 50% to 959 m3 (959,000 liters) by the end of 1997. 



Acquisition of the remaining Exxon production assets in France, adding 556.5 m3 (556,500 liters) per day, for an amount of $141.4 million.  Vermilion also acquired the remaining 10% interest in France from an Exxon partner.  Combined, these acquisitions added a total of 620.1 m3 (620,100 liters) per day of oil to Vermilion’s French production. 



Vermilion signed a 25-year partnership with Tom d’Aqui in Parentis-en-Born (Aquitaine Basin) to create an eco-friendly environment, heating what is now 15 hectares of greenhouses through the recovery of heat energy from its produced water near the site.  For more information click here (link to responsibility page).  



Acquisition of commercial interests of Total E&P for $108 million in January, in six oil fields based in the Aquitaine and Paris basins in France. These acquisitions added approximately 349.8 m3 (349,800 liters) of oil per day to production. Vermilion made another acquisition in France in December, buying from Zaza Energy an additional production of 135.15 m3 (135 150 liters) per day of oil for $86 million.


On December 3, in Paris, the Ministry of the Environment, Sustainable Development and Energy honored the eco-responsible partnership between Vermilion and Tom d’Aqui by awarding them the 2013 National Circular Economy Award , in the category “Industrial and Regional Ecology.” This award recognizes economically successful companies operating within a circular economy, in which activities and processes conserve, reuse and regulate natural resources to better protect our environment.



In our first year of participation, Vermilion was ranked 2nd out of 13 by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).* Vermilion scored 87 out of 100 (10 points higher than our peers).
The company received this year’s “Special Award for Socially Responsible Business” for its community investment, sponsorship projects and Days of Caring.


In our second year of participation, Vermilion was ranked 1st by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)* with a score of 100 (highest score).



In Gironde, in La Teste de Buch, Vermilion partners in the building of an eco-district, for which we provide free heat for 30 years. This benefits 550 homes thanks to the heat calories recovered from the water within our oil production process. In 2016, Vermilion achieved the “A” List level of recognition from Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)* as the only North American company in the energy sector on the list. Vermilion is one of only five companies in the oil and gas sector worldwide to be named to the “A” list.



Vermilion achieved a leadership level score of “A-”  from Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)* we were one of only 13 companies globally and the only North American energy sector company to achieve a Leadership score.



Vermilion achieved a score of “ A-“ on the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)* list; we were one of only 13 oil and gas companies worldwide to receive a leadership score. On March 12th, Vermilion was honored to sign the Natura 2000 Charter for the « Zones humides d’arrières dunes des Pays de Born et de Buch » site in Gastes (Landes). This site includes a chain of large lakes and their main tributaries in Northern Landes and Southern Gironde. Vermilion now maintains its lakeside platforms in the region with mechanical brushing and mowing. Previously, we used phytosanitary products for the maintenance of these areas. Vermilion Rep is taking a strategic approach to diversifying its activities in order to best meet the expectations of the energy transition, to ensure the sustainability of its activities beyond 2040, and thus to redesign the future of its activities in France. 



As part of its sustainable development approach, Vermilion France was awarded the AFNOR CSR “committed” label at the confirmed level, at the end of 2020. This is a reference label for assessing the maturity of organizations ‘CSR approaches based on ISO 2000, for three years.

Vermilion is one of the 268 companies on the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) list* to achieve the “A-” recognition level in 2020.


Following the closure of Grandpuits refinery (77) at the beginning of 2021, the shipment of our crude oil production from the Paris basin (Essonne, Seine-et-Marne and Loiret) has been carried out throught a transitional solution using tankers.

Vermilion is one of 268 companies on the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) list* to achieve a “B” recognition level in 2021.


In April, Vermilion confirms its CSR performance by remaining at the “confirmed” level (mid-term follow-up evaluation).

 * The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is a non-profit organization (based in London) that administers a comprehensive environmental disclosure system, which supports the assessment and management of the environmental impacts of environmental information. activities.  Vermilion reports annually, on a voluntary basis, on its emissions data, and attaches to identifying and realizing opportunities that allow it to work in an even more sustainable way, both environmentally and socially. 

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