Oil exploitation and transport in France

Oil exploitation and transport in France

From oil wells to the consumer

Oil production and transportation is based on production, processing, separation, storage and shipping facilities, and includes: 

      1.  treatment facilities (oil/gas/water separation)
      2.  treatment facilities (oil/gas/water separation)
      1.  an oil battery that stores production before transferring oil to a refinery (by sea or land) 
      2. the refinery

The oil extracted from the subsurface is crude oil, and is also composed of water and gas in different proportions depending on the field. It cannot be used by consumers without undergoing treatment, first at an oil battery  to separate the three elements. Oil can then be transported to refineries to be transformed into a consumable end product (cosmetics, fuel, clothing, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, etc.).

Major batteries, pipelines and refineries in France

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