Geophysics Measures

Geophysics Measures

Acquisition of geophysical data

The objective of a geophysical acquisition is to allow Vermilion to have a better image of the subsurface: a precise mapping of the potential deposit would lead to the completion of exploration drilling. 

This campaign uses state-of-the-art technology that can be compared to sonar boats or dolphins: acoustic waves are emitted into the ground using one or more vibrator trucks. A mechanical plate is deployed under the truck and vibrates on the ground for several seconds. The vibration is felt only a few meters away and is safe for wildlife, flora and surrounding homes. 

The acoustic waves generated by the truck travel through the ground, and as soon as a heterogeneity is encountered, they will reflect and rise to the surface. The goal is to measure their speed of propagation between the moment when they are emitted at the vibrated point (by the vibrator truck) and the moment when they are recovered on the surface by a geophone (sensors arranged more or less every 10 meters and installed a few days before the operation). The interpretation of these measurements will make it possible to identify the different geological layers and the nature of the subsurface.

Once the truck has vibrated over the entire area, the data recorded by all sensors are collected and sent for review. Their interpretation will make it possible to generate precise maps of the subsurface, to visualize them in 2 or 3 dimensions (2D – 3D), and to better understand the geological structure of the identified potential deposit.

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