Interventions on oil wells

Interventions on oil wells

In order to optimize its tools and maintain or even increase the level of its oil production, Vermilion is working on its existing wells. Since 1997, Vermilion has completed more than 2,300 activities of this type. 

There are 2 types of interventions:

      1.  which serves to optimize the production of a well; 
      2.  which serves to replace some equipment on a well;
      3.  which serves to change the pumping system (ESP/PU); 
      4.  which serves to the capping of the well or its compliance upgrade. 

The completion of major investment projects such as repairs, repackaging, and optimizations of oil wells, requires great technical expertise from all the people involved.

Vermilion has recognized expertise in these areas that also addresses the challenges of Health, Safety and Environment. We are committed to developing the resources of the French subsurface in line with all applicable regulations, and in full transparency with stakeholders.

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