Our Responsibility

Our Responsibility

We understand our moral and legal obligation to work in a manner that protects the health and safety of our teams and communities, treats our employees, partners and suppliers with respect and fairness, and ensures responsible management of our employees and the environment. 

Our exploration and production activities have potential impacts on a wide range of stakeholders, all of whom expect Vermilion to generate strong financial results in a responsible and ethical manner.

Our Board of Directors and Management Teams recognize that the expectations of our stakeholders are critical to Vermilion’s success. These expectations are integrated as objectives into our long-term strategic vision, set out as commitments in our annual planning, and assessed quarterly to measure progress.

In our view, this approach remains one of the reasons why Vermilion is a leading choice for investors, employees, partners and communities. 

In order to fulfill our commitments, we rely on the framework provided by our sustainable development policy, which integrates sustainable development into all facets of our business in the following five key areas:

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