Collaborative and elaborate approach

Collaborative and elaborate approach

CSR at Vermilion in France:

As part of its sustainable development policy, Vermilion France is committed to a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach that allows it to increase its overall performance on the economic, societal and environmental pillars over time. In addition, this commitment meets the expectations of its stakeholders (individuals / groups / organizations that have an impact or may be impacted by the actions of the company). 

Since the enactment of the Pacte law, the Civil Code specifies that the corporate purpose of a company is no longer limited to the pursuit of profit alone, but that the company “is managed in its social interest, taking into consideration the social and environmental challenges of its activity.” As key actors of change, companies have the duty to integrate the concept of CSR and its challenges into their strategies. Vermilion has chosen implement this in all facets of its activities and in its interactions with its stakeholders.

Since its creation in 1997, and even before the company’s corporate purpose was enshrined in law, Vermilion has been committed to putting CSR at the heart of its strategy.

Since 2022, Verilion has chosen to  add more structure and formality to its approach to meet the expectations of its stakeholders and the strategic objectives it has set. In this respect, a formal CSR role was created and is responsible for structuring, deploying and leading the CSR process, monitoring it and measuring its performance. Strategic and technical steering committees support this collaborative approach.

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