Energy in Ireland

Energy in Ireland

The Corrib gas field is a medium-sized reserve in world terms, but it nevertheless has the potential to supply up to 60% of Ireland’s gas needs at peak production – an extremely valuable contribution at a time when the country’s energy supply is increasingly vulnerable. At the start of the 21st century, Ireland was at the end of a very long pipeline, importing around 90% of its gas supplies from Europe via an interconnector pipeline from the UK. Political instability or an interruption of Russian gas supplies to Europe – as happened for a short period in January 2009 – provided a significant and growing threat to Ireland’s energy security. Against this background, bringing Corrib Gas to the Irish market became increasingly important. ¹

Vermilion’s main focus is to ensure the timely delivery of Corrib gas in order to boost Ireland’s domestic gas supply, thus enhancing the country’s energy security and reducing its dependency on imported natural gas. Corrib supplies up to 60% of Ireland’s natural gas needs, and represents 90% of the country’s domestic gas production.

For more information about gas production in Ireland, visit the Irish Offshore Operators’ Association website.

¹Securing our Energy Future – Irish Gas for a better tomorrow; IOAA

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