Stories From Our Employees

We spoke to a few of our team members about their experience working at Vermilion.

Here’s what they have to say.

Jenson Tan

Jenson Tan, an engineer, grew up in Texas and has lived in Singapore, Denmark, Netherlands, China and Indonesia before coming to Calgary in 2009 and joining Vermilion a year later as a Senior Business Development Professional. In 2013, Jenson was promoted to Director, New Ventures, followed by another promotion in 2017, to Vice President Business Development.

"I wanted to move to a smaller company and this was a unique opportunity because most companies of this size don't have an international focus. Vermilion is looking at the entire globe. Calgary is different than other cities I've lived in, but it's excellent for a family. And the company is a very people driven organization. There's a great working atmosphere here that's consistent from the top to the very bottom."

"If you work hard, the opportunities will be there. It's a small enough company that you know everybody's name and that's important to me. I like the family feel at Vermilion."

Clarence Malbeuf

Clarence Malbeuf started at Vermilion in 2000 as a contractor and was hired on in 2002 as Level 3 Operator. He was promoted to Area Foreman in 2007 and has since become Senior Foreman, Field Ops SFD.

Hervé Sénergous

Hervé Sénergous is Vermilion’s Superintendent – Ambès, in Ambès France, a mass storage facility the company acquired in the late 2006. He started managing the facility in 2008, supervising new construction, repairs, commissioning, recruitment and implementation of HSE, as well as running marine and shipping operations.

"I wanted a new challenge and I was recruited to manage the project at Ambès from A to Z. It's not a big company like I used to work for. It's a good size for people to be together. At Vermilion, there is really this focus on being well in your position, achieving performance and being a great company. And there are really, really extraordinary people—they are always open-minded and available."

"I was quite young when I entered Vermilion and I saw the opportunity to increase my expertise, and it has gone exactly as I planned. I am very excited to learn more and increase my expertise. Management gives us the opportunity to increase our competencies and to propose initiatives, and I like that very much. But the best thing about Vermilion is the team spirit we have and seeing the impact my job has on operations."

Pantxika Etcheverry

Pantxika Etcheverry, Vermilion’s HSE and Regulatory Manager in France, has worked with the company since 2003. She has learned much over the years, and has become an integral part of the company with her detailed knowledge about regulatory and environmental affairs.

Bill Liutkus

Bill Liutkus joined Vermilion in 2006 as Senior Drilling Engineer, International before moving on to Drilling and Completions Manager. He and his family moved to France in late 2012 and then to Germany where Bill was Manager, Operations and Drilling. In 2018, Bill was promoted to Managing Director, Germany Business Unit and subsequently appointed to Managing Director, France Business Unit in 2020.

"It's an exciting opportunity for the family to live in a different country and culture. I like being involved in different projects around the world and the opportunity to branch out into different parts of the business is appealing. What I like about Vermilion is they've always afforded me the opportunity to be involved in projects in Canada and internationally but the main thing is I have always felt that the work that we do makes an impact on the results of the company."

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