Our Responsibility

Our approach to sustainability, and our business in general, remains one where we prioritize people and the environment over profits: the safety and health of our employees, contractors and those directly or indirectly involved in our operations is considered paramount.

We carefully consider the lands and people impacted by our operations and we treat our people, partners, suppliers, and members of the community respectfully and fairly.

As we undertake to develop and produce hydrocarbon resources, we do so with the following priorities guiding our actions:

The safety and health of our staff and those involved directly or indirectly in our operations. Nothing is more important.

Our responsibility to protect the environment.

Economic success through a focus on operational excellence across our business, which includes technical and process excellence, efficiency, expertise and stakeholder relations.

We believe these three priorities generally do not conflict with each other, because conducting business in the safest and most environmentally conscious manner possible leads to greater profitability over the long-term. In the rare circumstance where a conflict may arise amongst these priorities, we instruct our staff that the health and safety of people and the protection of the environment must always take priority over profit.

Our Board of Directors and our Executive and Leadership teams continue to recognize our stakeholders’ expectations as critical to Vermilion’s success and integrate them into our ongoing processes for governance, strategy and performance. They are incorporated as goals into our strategic long-term vision, identified as commitments for annual planning, and assessed on a quarterly basis for progress against those commitments.

We believe this approach continues to be a contributing reason why Vermilion is a leading choice for investors, employees, partners and communities.

We are also committed to supporting our staff as they stay updated from a professional development perspective. We are happy to share the NBank scholarship received by one of our team members.

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