Vermilion distributes quarterly dividends to our shareholders.

Our dividend is intended to increase in accordance with the company’s profitability and maintain its stability even in times of low commodity prices. Our dividend is an important aspect of our overall strategy, as it is centered on generating value for our shareholders.

Dividend Payment Information

Dec 29, 2022 Dec 30, 2022 Jan 16, 2023 $0.08 2023
Sep 28, 2022 Sep 30, 2022 Oct 17, 2022 $0.08 2022
Jun 29, 2022 Jun 30, 2022 Jul 15, 2022 $0.06 2022
Mar 30, 2022 Mar 31, 2022 Apr 18, 2022 $0.06 2022


Ex-dividend Date: One business day prior to the record date. To be a stockholder on the Record Date, you must purchase the stock before the ex-dividend date.

**Regulations for trade settlement were revised effective September 5, 2017 to one day before Record Date

The date on which shareholders must hold the stock to receive the applicable dividend.

The taxation year to which the dividend is applicable.

Used to calculate the amount of shares issued under the Dividend Reinvestment Plan. For the Dividend Reinvestment Component of the Plan, shares are issued to the participant at the Average Market Price. For the period that the Premium DividendTM Component of the Plan was in place, shares were issued to the Plan Broker at 96.5% of the Average Market Price.

All dividends declared and paid to Canadian Resident Individual Shareholders have been designated as eligible dividends for purposes of the Canadian Income Tax Act. Shareholders are encouraged to consult their tax advisors should they have questions relating to the tax treatment of Vermilion Energy’s dividends and the computation of the cost base of their investment in Vermilion Energy

Direct Deposit Information

Direct deposit of dividends can be requested by contacting Odyssey Trust Company of Canada and requesting a Direct Deposit Form.

Transfer Agent 

Odyssey Trust Company
Stock Exchange Tower
1230-300 5th Avenue SW, Calgary AB T2P 3C4

Local 1-587-885-0960 
Toll Free 1-888-290-1175
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Reports & Filings

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The nature of Vermilion's operations results in exposure to fluctuations in commodity prices, interest rates and foreign currency exchange rates.

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