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Funding Criteria

We have clearly defined parameters for our Ways of Caring program:

Please be aware that our program operates on an annual cycle, with all of our funds fully allocated by the end of each year.

Please view Our Operations page for more information about the areas we operate

  • Homelessness & Poverty – We work with social investment agencies that support the most vulnerable in our community through measurable, impactful programs that focus on addressing the issues of homelessness and poverty, because we believe healthy, vibrant communities include all community members in their success.
  • Health and Safety Promotion – We invest in results-oriented programs that enhance the wellbeing and safety of individuals and communities, sharing our best-in-class approach to a health and safety culture that is fully integrated into every facet of Vermilion’s operations.
  • Environmental Stewardship – We partner with organizations that use science-based best practices to enhance environmental conservation and education, contributing to healthy, resilient, sustainable communities today and in the future.
  • Celebrating Vermilion’s Cultures – We support the local cultures of our diverse locations to ensure that their traditions and contributions are recognized and preserved.

We do not support for-profit organizations, or organizations whose aims, interests or activities conflict with Vermilion’s business interests or core values.

Except in extraordinary circumstances, our community investment budget does not support:

  • Individuals or individual pursuits;
  • Religious organizations (except those with non-sectarian purposes);
  • Organizations with partisan or political affiliations;
  • Fraternal or labour organizations;
  • Private foundations or clubs;
  • Professional or technical associations;
  • Endowments, contingency funds or deficit campaigns;
  • Conventions, conferences, seminars;
  • Organizations located outside of the communities where Vermilion staff live or work.

All funded requests must meet the criteria above. These parameters help ensure alignment to our community investment strategy, and help us respond to requests from the community in a consistent, fair and transparent manner.

Flagship Investments

Investments over $25,000 are considered flagship investments. We assess these major opportunities along a number of dimensions that are organized into six key categories:

  • Alignment with Vermilion;
  • Engagement with the Community;
  • Partner Assessment;
  • Community Impact/Value;
  • Vermilion Impact/Value;
  • Measurement, Communication and Recognition.

Vermilion's Ways of Caring

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Vermilion’s community investment program – our Vermilion Ways of Caring – supports non-profit and charitable organizations in three ways: Give Back, Give Time, Give Together.

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Health, Safety & Environment

Vermilion is committed to ensuring we conduct our activities in a manner that will protect the health and safety of our employees, contractors and the public.


REMIT Information

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