Health & Safety DEV

Our Highlights


women represntation on our Board

~2 MM

community invetment contribution


leaders and employees completed Indigenous cultral awareness training

9,400 hrs

guided HSE-related training  

Our Commitment to Social

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Shell Ireland Operations ATL .Shell PRO-AM Golf.

Health &
Safety >

Explore how we protect our health and safety in the offices and during operations.


Diversity, Equity, Inclusion >

Discover diversity for innovation, equity for opportunities, and inclusion for communities.


Indigenous Relations >

Honoring Indigenous heritage, nurture partnerships, for a harmonious future.


Community Investment >

Empower communities through strategic investment for lasting impact and sustainable growth.

Feature Stories

Community Investment Story
Learn how we teamed up with agricultural engineers who wanted to create an economically and ecologically viable greenhouse operation in which to grow tomatoes.
Click Here
DEI Story
Read about how we ensure compliance in our Australia facilities.
Click Here
IR Story
Find out how we are leveraging the proof-of-concept established in France to develop alternative energy projects in our operations in The Netherlands.
Click Here
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