Our Values

Vermilion’s core values of Excellence, Trust, Respect and Responsibility have guided what we do and how we do it throughout our 30-year history.

We believe that in order to be successful, a business must prioritize the health and safety of people and protection of the environment over profit.

Our Focus

Founded in 1994, Vermilion is a publicly traded, widely held, international energy producer headquartered in Calgary, Canada.

We seek to create value through the acquisition, exploration, development and optimization of producing properties in North America, Europe and Australia — regions noted for their stable, well-developed fiscal and regulatory policies related to  energy exploration and development.

Our Purpose

At the core of our business is our purpose:

To responsibly produce essential energy while delivering long-term value to our people, shareholders, customers, partners and communities

We believe that providing energy to the many people and businesses around the world that rely on it to meet their daily needs and sustain their quality of life is both a great privilege and a great responsibility.

Our Priorities

We prioritize health and safety, the environment, and profitability, in that order. Nothing is more important to us than the safety of the public and those who work with us, and the protection of our natural surroundings.

Our energy transition strategy focuses on reducing environmental impacts of traditional oil and natural gas production while developing renewable energy projects closely related to our core competencies.


Our History

Vermilion was founded in 1994 as a Canadian oil and gas exploration and production company focused on assets in Alberta, Canada.



Strong governance is in the best interests of our shareholders and promotes effective decision making at the Board level.



Our talented and innovative people have helped Vermilion earn the recognition as a Great Place to Work®. Our people help set the stage for success.

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