Attention to Environment

Vermilion puts energy into the environment

We like to make a positive contribution to the environment in which we operate. We do this through various programs and initiatives. For example, we help accelerate the energy transition at a local level. We also ensure that nature is strengthened and protected or we work on quality of life and well-being at a local level. Improving safety and health in the community is also a theme in our programs.

Our programs

8 Examples

Sustainable renovation village house De Blesse

The village house in the Blesse has been sustainably renovated. In addition to the renovation, 20 solar panels have been installed and the ceiling has been insulated. This reduces the fixed costs and the rental price can remain low for the environment that uses it.

New LED lighting Korfballclub SIOS Wolvega

New outdoor lighting for Korfball association SIOS from Wolvega. The LED lamps provide better lighting, consume a quarter less energy and have a longer lifespan.

Postcode rose project in the municipality of Weststellingwerf

The Sustainable Future Foundation Steggerda makes roofs in the area available to install solar panels. Residents in the area can buy a certificate and receive a discount on their own energy consumption.

Otter terraces along Steenwijkerweg Wolvega

It Fryske Gea has placed otter screens along the Steenwijkerweg near Wolvega. These grids guide otters and other animals at De Linde, between two nature reserves, to a safe crossing point.

Energy-efficient lighting it Geahûs in Garijp

It Geahûs in Garijp has renovated the meeting space for all social and cultural activities organized in the building. During this renovation, it was decided to use energy-efficient lighting.

Football association ONT gas-free

Football association ONT participates in the local energy transition by making the accommodation completely energy neutral. So-called heat pipes produce hot water for heating and showers. The association has thus found an alternative to natural gas.

Solar boiler for korfball club Leonidas Noordwolde

All korfball players of association Leonidas can take a hot shower with the help of a solar boiler, which also heats the clubhouse. The water heater saves a substantial amount of gas and thus reduces energy bills.

100 solar panels on the roof of 't Paradyske Langezwaag

Solar panels have been installed on top of the roof of village hall and sports canteen 't Paradyske in Langezwaag. Every day, visitors can follow how much power the hundred solar panels generate. Energy costs have dropped significantly.