Our History in Netherlands

Vermilion Energy Netherlands B.V. (Vermilion) is a Dutch company. We exist since 2004. We are engaged in gas production from small fields. The natural gas we extract here is intended for Dutch households and businesses.

Vermilion in The Netherlands

After the establishment, we opened our head office at the gas treatment station in Harlingen. At the end of 2004, we had ten employees. In 2014 we also opened an office in Amsterdam. In addition, we now have dozens of production locations spread across the Netherlands. Here we extract natural gas from small fields. Most fields are located in the province of Friesland. From the production sites, the natural gas goes to the gas treatment stations. These are located in Harlingen, Garijp and Waalwijk, among others.

Reliable Employer

Since 2004, Vermilion has grown into a reliable employer in the Netherlands. In total, more than 225 people now work with us. These are employees with an employment or hiring contract. We often work together with Dutch (often local) companies when we need support. For example, for technical maintenance, printing or facility services. Directly and indirectly, a total of nearly eight hundred people work for Vermilion.

Part of Vermilion Energy, Inc.

Our parent company is Vermilion Energy Inc. This is a publicly traded company from Canada. This Canadian energy company was founded in 1994 at the Vermilion Lakes in Canada. This is where we owe our name. Soon after the start, Western Europe became an important growth area. In addition to Canada and the Netherlands, Vermilion Energy Inc. is currently active in 8 other countries. Vermilion’s core values are the same around the world: Excellence, Trust, Respect and Responsibility.